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Mediateca en San Façon

Part 2 Project 2007
Andrea del Pilar Montes
Catholic University of Colombia, Bogota Santafe De Bogota Colombia
The search of a city more Latin American tape-worm in the 70s and 80s a flight of identity, as approximation to the unit, in the 90s and new millenium the globalization I bring the problem of the contemporary thing near in the city of the sustainability.
In my offer for this portion of city stopped in the time, the bionica looks for the sustentabilidad in environmental, cultural and social terms that take applications as a topic of item technologies based on natural phenomena. From the architecture the Mediáteca takes this city and his own history as a reference.

Andrea del Pilar Montes

The study plan for the last nucleus refers to the project as an operational unit and totalizer that to diverse scales and inside a process of analysis and synthesis from the identification of problems, it systematizes, links, organizes and contextualiza diverse variables to solve specific needs, taking the city as a scene as cultural expression. This exercise approaches and solves these and other variables re-defining the offer in new possibilities of plastic occupation, in urban and architectural terms with a vision of opening to the contemporary thing taking the multicultural, the environmental in technological environments of last generation.

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