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Demonstration Power Station

Part 1 Project 2007
Konstantinos Chalaris
University of Brighton, UK
A sustainable complex- comprising housing, industrial units and an existing train station, with an eco-friendly power station at its heart. Due to unique and unprecedented features, the site would attract visitors, and a coffee shop and rest area are situated at the top of the tower. Energy production is achieved by solar power, wind turbines; hydro-electric motors, and by a device used to harness the energy of braking trains. By considering the ergonomics of the human body, homes that are 20% more space efficient have been created. A landmark for London,, and a whole new chapter in sustainable energy production.
Konstantinos Chalaris

Konstantinos has created an ingenious system for utilizing the energy required to stop trains as they approach railway stations. But beyond the technical development, tested by working with engineering colleagues, he has recognized the importance of creating a symbolic intervention which celebrates and demonstrates ways of recycling energy. The proposal is simultaneously a power station, educational resource and not unlike a funfair ride. Its programme has grown out of earlier investigations by the student into transport technologies for sustainable tourism. Konstantionos’s proposal followed a seamless development from its inception, tested at each stage with an enviable clarity of purpose.

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