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An Urban Focus of Uses

Part 2 Project 2007
Juliana Isaza Romero
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia
The building conceives it self in a historical context located in Medellín city downtown and is attached to a now urban location. The valuation about the building allows to see that they were two different buildings independent between each others.

The idea means to integrate the buildings in one element and develop a free low plant that includes a constant mix of uses to spare time which allows the permanent life of the building and recognize it like an urban focus of uses who integrates it self in a general system of public space.

Juliana Isaza Romero

The studio seeks that urban anthropology and ecology provide design working tools and a place where projection methodologies generate. This way, architecture emerges as crafter of new social and environmental urban ecosystems. We are interested in cultural dynamics present in urban space and in how it disposes itself according to the individual’s life and actions. The reuse of a patrimonial building is valuable in terms of how an already existing structure in the city becomes again an important landmark of urban dynamics in the area, causing the reactivation of cultural identity as well as social life within the city center.

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