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Urban Rhapsody

Part 2 Project 2007
Sagar Mansukh
University of New South Wales Sydney Australia
Major metropolitan cities such as Sydney play host to a variety of de-institutionalised events. Some of these events involve street musicians and graffiti artists, who are increasingly claiming a ‘place of establishment’ in the urban situation.
This project takes the Domain car park in Sydney’s Domain as its site. Using this site, it attempts to expand conventional notions of performance places and events, and identifies the Domain car park, the surrounding railway line, the site’s proximity to the Art Gallery of NSW, and the Woolloomooloo pedestrian bridge as opportunities that extend the city.

Sagar Mansukh

This studio investigated the possibility of a contemporary architecture with the assumption that architectural works can be invested with urban speculations. Parallel explorations posed critique as a form of production or invention. Architecturally interpretative re-readings of 20th century buildings overlapped with mapped analyses of inner urban Sydney to inform a proposition for a situation, program and 'institution.'

This project optimises the programmatic possibilities of its critical transformations, intelligently sited. Between the art gallery and proposed/existing infrastructure; freeway, car-park and subway station, plausible opportunities are created for 'street' music, performance and drawing situated between high and low art physically and metaphorically.

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