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The Eel House

Part 1 Project 2007
Jonathan Schofield
University of Plymouth, UK
The largest eel ever caught from a land line was hooked from Devils Point. The 'Eel House', positioned where this eel was caught, explores ephemeral moments between working spaces and living spaces and in turn how the users of those spaces interact. The commercial process of fishing, farming and preparing eels flows in and out of the family living spaces creating a constant reminder of the primary house function. Through this industrial process, the next generation of users have an added respect for a sustainable eel population and a sustainable lifestyle.

Jonathan Schofield

Jonathan constructed the Eel House brief for this six week long project to explore his interest in industrial form, integrated living and the creation of space that defies categorisation. The house plays:
with transparency for it stands on a breathtaking site and privacy,
with wet capes and dry beds,
with work and home
but mostly with the notion that no one can quite know what a house is.
For it is slick and cerebral, shiny but delicately observed, robust and ultimately fragile.
And when the eels are gone, what then?

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