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School of ART - AAST Campus

Part 1 Project 2007
Mohamed Gabr
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Alexandria Campus Alexandria Egypt
The project is an interior design college in the AAST campus the aim of the design is to create an open space work as an open gallery and to connect the outer to the inner space so when you enter the space you feel intimacy of the space (inner space)
Act as the spine of the building and in the physical design it acts as along as the flow of air is always found cross ventilation

Mohamed Gabr

Creating a new building in an excising campus was not an easy job, as this new building has to fit all the surrounding buildings but with a modern touch to match with the interior design department. And this was implemented in fact, where the materials used is with modern characteristics, transparent, light & sharp. For the needed friendly communication between the staff & the students & between the students & each other a welcoming atrium is created in the center space of the building, fortifying by that modern methodology of the Academy.

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