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Part 2 Project 2007
Luciana Alvarez
Victoria Elias Rein
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
Project of a winery close to Mendoza City, Argentina
The distribution follows the requirements of the production line: Spaces for harvested grapes, fermentation, bottling and final product storage are located along an axis. There’s a tourism circuit in the heart of the building, at the second level.
The building is elevated from the ground plane so as to make it appear to be floating.
The winery is oriented to North and uses a double façade to control the sunlight, which is regulated through a wooden columns wall. This reminiscence of railroad ties configures a graphic representation of the local history.

Luciana Alvarez
Victoria Elias Rein

The project combines the industrial plant character with strong regional textures.
The bottle cellar is located below ground, providing optimal conditions for ageing wine. A double facade system allows control of incoming sunlight.
Sustainability in four aspects consolidates the project:
1 Recycling of old railroad wood ties. Use of local natural and manufactured materials.
2 Controlling sun incidence and the loose of temperature (orientation, materials, double facade).
3 Generating hand work spots in times of crisis, due to the extense hand work this construction would require.
4 Representing through Form the industrial use and the local history

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