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Immigrant support centre, Christchurch, Spitalfields

Part 1 Project 2007
David Scott
University of Westminster UK
The Immigration Support Centre was conceived as both a resource for newcomers to London and a place to celebrate the diversity of culture immigration brings to the city. This duality is reflected in the programme devised for the centre as well as the role played by the architecture itself in its impact on the site and urban context: the building fully embraces the opportunities offered by the site at the same time as it contributes beyond its own needs, providing new public spaces, circulation routes and facilities integrated with adjacent buildings.

The approach follows a broader interest in the implications of architecture after Modernism: if we can rely on neither style nor function, what should form follow? The proposal follows Foucault in a ‘critical ontology of ourselves’ combining multiple layers of historical and contemporary analyses to question current conditions, explore architectonic solutions, and generate a design that aims to support both new architectural forms as well as new forms of urban life.

David Scott

We selected this project for submission as it represents an extensive, thoroughly developed and researched proposal, incorporating comprehensive studies in the historical urban issues of the site area, and the socio-cultural context and values of the project brief.

The design has a strongly developed and architectonic series of spaces and enclosures, taken through to technical resolution, and to both interior and exterior description. We thus felt it to be a sophisticated, balanced and extensive piece of work for a undergraduate student, integrating the contextual, social and architectural issues of the brief.

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