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A Romantic Intervention

Part 1 Project 2007
Robert Sharples
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
An urban analytical approach at the initiation of the programme was intended for the design to be in coherence with the renaissance of Scarborough, and to consider the contribute effect towards a sustainable built environment. Orientating towards a green agenda and environmental design.

The scheme aims to create an inspiring development of public realm that embraces the character and romance of a seaside town. The form is a derivative of a narrative, ‘A Romantic intervention’, captivating both physically and metaphorically, an adjoining of two halves. By each chapter a new layer contributes progressively creating a form of incidental architecture.

Robert Sharples

A sophisticated architectural allusion is offered, connecting analysis on a regional scale to precisely crafted detail. A landed boat hull (from the harbour below) and a lookout jetty (from the castle above) are juxtaposed (or found as allegorical relics) on the site (stage set) of the romantic intervention (of land and sea). These two primary artefacts (and a second upturned hull for rehearsals) are subsequently colonised, functionally segregated and made environmentally inhabitable through the application of delicate double skins, suspended thermal mass and skylight punctuations. Landscape (and the tide of seaside visitors) ebbs and flows around, between and under.

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