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Parking Space

Part 1 Project 2007
Zoe Chan
University of Cambridge, UK
What would happen to parking-spaces if cars were pushed out of the city(due to congestion/climate change)? Where is the large and growing urban, single population going to live without resulting in further urban sprawl? This scheme is a response to such urban dilemmas proposing a subverted occupation of urban ‘parking space’ to house a growing single person population.
An integrated approach was taken towards this project and the limited site conditions and various single person lifestyles inform the design, construction, structure, material, servicing and detailing of the project through an innovative and fully customized approach to housing.

Zoe Chan

Presuming automobile transport to have given way to public transport, parking spaces become mini-brownfield sites available for housing. Suitable for the growing demographic of young professionals who seek minimum domestic requirements and maximum facilities, this innovative proposition develops the motif of automobile customisation. The monocoque is carved externally by the need to provide air and light for the neighbours, and internally by the needs of an anatomically-scaled existenz-minimum - as well as possibilities for small offices and shops. Together, the "parked" dwellings introduce a new topography to London's streets, and a greater intensity of civic life. Very strong scheme.

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