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Alternative Theatre

Part 1 Project 2008
Sebastian Lucas
Daniela Prados
University of Palermo Buenos Aires Argentina
This Project investigates alternative architectural spaces, new ways of understanding and performing Theatre, in this case Aerial or three dimensional Theatre, an example of this is the Argentinean company “ De La Guarda”. The location of the Project is quite complex : between a subterranean river , now covered by a busy avenue and a railway on the other limit, the whole site is nowadays not in use and it acts as a strong barrier between two bohemian neighborhoods .
The Project intends to establish firstly, a strong relationship between users and performers and secondly, to give the site the possibility of being the interface between the two neighbourhoods.

Sebastian Lucas
Daniela Prados

The primary concern of our course is to define innovative strategies of intervention and design, that are capable of responding to the transformations of contemporary cities.
Students are encouraged to understand the strong interrelationship, between the city and their own design, considering Architecture as a catalytic activity. Students are introduced to specific architectural issues, such as:
Understanding the different complexities of layers of a given site, and how to intervene in an existing urban space.
. They are asked to elaborate new architectural programs for present changing societies..
. And as a consequence of the previous issue, research of Spatial relationships as a critical attitude to the proposed programs.


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