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Gallery and Bus Terminal

Part 2 Project 2008
Tereza Stastna
Czech Technical University 166 34 Praha 6 Czech Republic
According to my concept the volumes of the gallery originate in the subtraction of all the bus station plan areas from the total mass of the building-up estate. Then the volumes adapt to sunlight by declining the external walls and their internal spaces are arranged in the levels of the reflected shades. Thanks to this process the services of both functions have been interconnected since the very beginning. The gallery has been a waiting room for the bus station and the free spaces of the bus station have been a place for exhibitions.
Tereza Stastna

The diploma project task was to design a gallery and a bus center. The student explores the possibilities of exhibiting pieces of art in connection with a traffic facility and the mutual influence of these two functions. The student places the gallery programme in three odd cones whose plan is a negative imprint of a bus center operation. The volume of the towers is formed by light. The design allows for a full-value functioning of both programmes and as an impressive work of art increases the value of the area.


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