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Public Library in Belgrano neighbourhood

Part 1 Project 2008
Sebastián García Escudero
University of Palermo Buenos Aires Argentina

The proposal for the public library in the district of Belgrano consists of recovering the green area and maintaining existing trees in the premises. The chosen strategy was to work topographically, the floor of the site is transformed into the ceiling of the building, the entire program is kept underground leaving the ground level free of buildings., an inner courtyard and foldings on the land introduce necessary light to the different types of reading rooms of the library and diagonal perspectives enrich the visitor’s tour through the building. A system of inverted beams and a main reinforced concrete partition conform the structural system. On the roof a necessary wide is generated to be able to contain a continuous surface of turf and its system of irrigation, thus permitting continuity of the green space on the upper surface.
Consideration for the existing vegetation and the recovery of the public space, reinforce the idea of the proposal not as a library building as object, but as topography in quest for light.

Sebastián García Escudero

Belgrano is a residential district of the city of Buenos Aires , its orthogonal plot is intersected diagonally by railroad lines, leaving the vacant spaces as green areas. On the free area of the plot, triangular in form the exercise proposes to develop a public library for the district. The student will have to articulate spaces of different scales, hierarchies and size, studying in particular the incidence of light in the reading rooms through suitable constructive and design strategies.


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