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The Century of the Small

Part 2 Project 2008
Michelle Williams
Birmingham City University UK
A theoretical design project, based on the idea that small scale water sourcing interventions could provide sustainable alternatives to destructive dam and pipeline projects.

The brief for the design project is a reaction to the water restrictions put in place in Australia, to deal with the drought conditions that the country is currently facing.

The project deals with the conflict between environmental sustainability and the sustainability of modern lifestyles.

Sited on Perth's coastline, the intervention sustainably sources fresh water from sea water, in order to provide water to recreational uses affected by Australia's water restrictions.

Michelle Williams

Michelle’s project was a very refreshing one if you excuse the pun. Not a large “designer ego” project or one inspired by “starchitects” but a somewhat understated design that delicately emerged out of the Perth coastline yet tackling a critical issue head on. The project started with a series of exquisite diagrams that investigated water as a resource worth fighting for. This attitude was then shifted to Western Australia to generate a self-sustainable beach-front leisure complex which cherishes water as if it were gold. Michelle’s achievement is all the more remarkable for a student studying part-time.

Mr Kevin W Singh
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