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Anemorphic Airship Docks

Part 1 Project 2008
Adam Holloway
Oxford Brookes University, UK
The airship promotes ecology in travel. The autonomy of a lighter-than-air vehicle evokes a vision of a future free from the pollution of the industrial world.
As a piece of responsive architecture the Anemorphic Airship Docks reflect the ethics and aesthetic of the airship. By creating an autonomous mechanism, moving yet stable, unpredictable yet controllable, the airship port offers passengers an in-between space, not as fully detached from the ground as the airship, but still apart from it.
In becoming a literal engine of construction for the city around it the tower acts as an analogy for change and communication. The unpredictable nature of the wind powers the human narrative of the city.

Adam Holloway

The project forms an ever-changing addition to the London skyline - moving with the wind to allow docking of airships, creating a dynamic beauty from an environmentally reactive structure. The building creates shelter for the airships as it engulfs them whilst they dock.

The building acts as a gateway; linking the communities of brick lane back to their roots across the globe – commuting goods and people with little carbon cost. He sees the tower as event – challenging the concept of air travel, it's infrastructure, and its effect on city.

This is particularly apparent in his stratification of the structure, with the lower levels of the building relating to its context as an evolving, semi-temporary community whilst the docking sections discuss a transience of place

The project's vision makes a compelling argument for sustainable transport technologies embedded in our cities.

Prof David Greene
Mr Toby Shew
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