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Amplitude - Option 3

Part 2 Project 2008
Cathal Curtin
University College Dublin, Ireland
The project resolves the coastal condition between Ireland and its greatest power resource through facilitating access and regulating the energy it produces.
The proposition is an instigating system that regulates the target output of the ocean; it demonstrates how Ireland could be independent of hydrocarbon, nuclear and hydrogen energy systems/sources. It is a manifestation of a macro supporting system that is a function of both us and the territory the project rests on, describing in space, time and light the scale the flux of our daily fundamental needs. It has the ability to offset and expand to increasing demand of power output. Absolute necessity could create a temple if so chosen.

Cathal Curtin

This project derives from a study of the possible physical consequences of supplying energy needs from Ireland’s un-harnessed wave-power.

The project is a rhetorical, salutary proposition, a manifesto and an embodiment of the scale of generation required, to supplant our oil dependence and feed our centralizing grid.

The research into current and future power needs and the potential provided by wave-power is diligently explored. The result is a visionary, speculative proposal, sublimating the periodic power provided by the waves into a fantastic infrastructure formed of dilated pumped storage vessels, resting on stone pylons extracted from the bedrock.

Dr Hugh Campbell
Mr Marcus Donaghy
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