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Parametric Design - "Smart Structure"

Part 2 Project 2008
Aleksandra Anna Apolinarska
Universität Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany
This project is a trip into new perception of architecture in the era of information-flow, in order to explore innovative design methods.
Parametrization is a powerful tool while working with complexity e.g. of free form geometries. The building becomes a network of multi-dependant data, a system of static and dynamic parameters, pre-set requirements (geometrical definition of form) and changing conditions, rather then only brick and mortar.
Still, the aim of the project was to deliver a real, physical, full-scale prototype and producibility was one of the design constraints. While 3-dimensional free forms remain problematic for mass customized production, there is a lot of potential in CNC equipment operating in 2D.
For this reason the basic element of the invented structure is made of developable surfaces - the component‘s unrolled parts create, upon joining, a „smart“, self-defining, geometrically stable spacial element. Thanks to parametrization, its form is very adaptive geometrically and can be easily modified to satisfy additional functional requirements, e.g. selective view blocking or sun protection.
This potential is investigated in 3 examples in different scales. A sample of one of them (a sun refuge pavilion) has been fabricated as a prototype.
The resulting „smart structure“ is extremely self-stable, adaptive and lightweight, simple and cost-efficient in production, easy to assemble and transport.

Aleksandra Anna Apolinarska

Aleksandra Anna Apolinarska explores possibilities of parametric design and develops a project based on selected input information. This potential is exemplary demonstrated in a design of a shadow-casting pavilion, optimized for specified latitude and time. With a very consistent set-up, the basic element of the roof structure is generated, populated over the canopy's surface and modified so to satisfy pre-defined sun protection requirements in the course of the day.
Thereby convincing is not only the comprehensible illustration, systematic work-flow and high aesthetic quality of the project. Also the elegant presentation including an exemplary prototype contribute to the reception of the issue's complexity.


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