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Fragile Relation of Old and New

Part 1 Project 2008
Tokuichiro Oba
University of East London, UK
The project started from intuitive and experimental exercise of analyzing the historic building and testing the material 'Clay'. The materiality of Clay and Ceramic object brought an interesting dialogue between initial drawing and the achieved object that the idea did not translate directly into material.

This tension (fragility) between the idea and achievement could be summarized in a word "Tolerance". The idea of tolerance is exploited in the relationship of time, drawing and material throughout.

As an architectural intervention always causes some level of tolerance, this project attempts to develop the idea and discuss the real architectural quality through it.

Tokuichiro Oba

Signing up to a Diploma Unit as an undergraduate student, Tokuichiro rose to the challenge and produced an exceptionally mature body of work throughout the course of the year. With great tenacity, his project remained steadfast in its provocation of the themes of tolerance and fragility from the scale of the city to that of the finer detailing of the building. The resultant building proposal, a ceramic school, is a confident reworking of an abandoned palazzo in Palermo that has both a robustness and gentle sensibility; often poignantly setting refined elements against a stripped back raw interior. A building whose own history is not ignored but enhanced and whose spaces are accommodating in the most generous of ways, responding to the inhabitants and their needs as well offering a higher level of ambition of urban re-development to a changing quarter of this city.

Mr Mark Hayduk
Ms Rumi Kubokawa
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