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Part 1 Project 2008
Petter Krag
Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway
The Metastructure
I’ve tried to translate sensations experienced with structures in water, like bubbles, surface, and droplets, and how their form are generated or manipulated by underlying forces. Translated, the metastructure ended up with the ability to produce its own sensations. The architecture is used by the photographer in the creation of the artwork exhibited in the gallery.
Physically the two programs overlap only in one way, hiding the photo studios inside the gallery structure. I think of the programs as forces within the same structure shaping the thin curved steel wall between them, and the curve becomes the presence of the other side.

Petter Krag

The nominated project has been done as an outstanding and important part of the discussion in my studio class this spring semester, working with relations between construction, tectonics, material, space and atmosphere. It also shows a particular interest in working methodical with conceptual ideas, still connected with studies and developments of physical phenomenons. The student has been able to transform extremely beautiful conceptual studies into architectural structure and space, and been able to invent this architectural concept with in an innovative perceptive of program and use. We think he’s ability to handle architectural discussions on all levels is, remarkable and inspirational.


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