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A Manifesto for Architectural Fusion

Part 1 Project 2008
Aaron Holden
University of Nottingham, UK
Our perception of interior and exterior architectural space is primarily a sensual event dependent on movement and transitions. The planar façade often deceptive, acts to provide a singular two-dimensional image. In opposition, my manifesto for a 'fusion architecture' and a habitable 'thickened façade' favours a multi-sensory dynamic, both experienced from the inside and the outside. Fusion between internal programme and external event promotes an interpenetration of spaces and the blurring of traditional boundaries. Ultimately, thickening and multiplying the layers of the façade and controlling its framing creates a sequence of visual revelations: impacting on the users pattern of occupation and interaction.

Aaron Holden

Aaron’s project explores the tradition of the architectural manifesto threefold. Firstly, as Manifesto. A speculative written and graphical piece of work establishing his notion of ‘architectural fusion.’ It questions the static relationship between function and form. Secondly, through the idea of Prototype. A series of artifacts investigating the visual and material resistance and behaviour that is produced by different movements and tectonic conditions. Thirdly, as Manifestation. A strategic design-proposal that utilises his previous studies and develops a ‘thickened façade.’ It negotiates the conventional boundaries of privacy and creates a much needed multiple, yet coherent reading of the southern riverbank of the Thames.

Miss Julie Richards
Mr Sam Jacoby


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