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The Brewer's Anatomy

Part 2 Project 2008
Fredrik Haukeland
Oslo School of Architecture and Design Oslo | Norway
“The Brewer’s Anatomy” is situated next to a Ship Yard, by River Clyde. It’s a brewery containing all the elements of beer making; a garden for growing hops and barley, an oat and malting house, a brewery, administrative and technical spaces and, of course, a bar for consumption of beer.

The project has developed around the person of the brewer. The spaces adapt to his body shape at the same time as the brewer adapts to the brewery. The vessels, pipes and tubes are organized in a functional way as well as revealing their potential as space creators.

Fredrik Haukeland

This anatomical brewery explores the boundaries between body and building. The guts and innards of the building (the brewing process) are exposed and symbiotically entwined with the user, a caricature of a Glaswegian drinker. The building is partially draped in a concrete veil and stands elegantly poised on the edge of the river Clyde. Through a process of physical modeling, reverse engineering and computer modeling, the student has created a building that combines the strict logic and components of the brewing process with an architectural proposal that is strangely appropriate for the site.

The presentation beautifully captures the tones and atmosphere of the Glasgow riverfront.

Tomas Stokke

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