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Appreciating Nature, from Structure to Space

Part 2 Project 2008
Tak Kei Yip
Chinese University of Hong Kong | China
Nature contains complexity. Unlike randomness, it has reasons and intentions. As the connection between environment and human, architecture should show the same complexity.

Starting from golden proportion to recent free form explorations, it should not stop as form expression, as a skin or roof.

If we emphasize on tectonics, beauty of articulating space and structure, would it be possible to transform a potential element in both our architectural history and nature into structure and space?

It is not a revolutionary idea. In the past, we were limited by the technology. Thus, the initial explorations were based on a research study proving the recent industry capability.

Besides as a demonstration of developing a structure by articulating a specific element and having the sense of complexity into our habitation, the design was a process of formulate the logic and pattern behind for spatial arrangement for an organic structure, same as nature.

Tak Kei Yip

1. The design demonstrates a digital oriented approach of architecture design, by exploring structure expression as the starting point, applying rapid prototyping and physical scale-model as the test, and integrating above both as the base for design innovations.

2. The design shows great maturity in integrating various perspectives outside pure architecture theory – e.g. structure understanding + research on the advancement in production and construction industry + formal tectonics exploration.

3. The design shows articulated thinking and passion in materializing the complex organic structure in terms of spatial arrangement and construction.

Prof Jin-yeu Tsou
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