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Museum of Fragment

Part 2 Project 2008
Oana Diaconescu
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Romania
The theme of “Museo del Frammento” to Villa Adriana results from a profound research and study in the contemporary interventions in an Unesco site. It’s the reiteration of the imperial route mirroring the Antinous constellation, the subordination to monument and nature taking in account the pavilion fragmentation.

Continuing Canope’s axe, the project reinterprets some antique elements, from Hadrian’s world as: Hadrian’s wall, the Roman garden, Serapeum’s waterfall, the Pantheon. The museum militates for a contextual approach in an architectural design world conditioned by the CAAD architects.

Oana Diaconescu

“Museo del Frammento” project is the formal result of a profound research in the iconography of Emperor Hadrian, by conceiving a new museum included in Villa Hadriana. Its approach accuracy consists in the presentation of some important aspects which are conditioning a contextual intervention: subordination to the monument, to the nature; the use of Egyptian light, definition of original spatial typologies derivative from the classical language.
The composite modalities, associated to the concept “museum in museum” illustrate through a scenery type philosophy the affiliation to one of the most important residential complexes of antiquity.


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