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Social Sports Club

Part 2 Project 2008
Rodrigo Mendez Blanlot
University of Palermo Buenos Aires Argentina

The site for the Social Sport Club site´s is surrounded by three avenues and an embankment with rail road lines at its top.
Across Bullrich Avenue is the site for the future Patricio´s Park.
There is traffic congestion in the intersection of Santa Fe Avenue and Bullrich Avenue, where public transportation stations converge. The project provides a plaza on this corner, and a partially covered area appropriate for market activities.
Access to the building will be on the second floor, which contains the cafeteria and the grandstand for the public attending the games in the all-purpose court. The court, the “bocha” court, the gymnasium, sport areas and administration offices will be on the ground floor, while the swimming pool, squash courts, locker rooms and additional grandstand on the third floor.

Rodrigo Mendez Blanlot

The excercise consists in the design of facilities for cultural and social activities and the practice of sports, conveniently articulated in order to avoid interferences and incompatibilities of use.
The long and narrow site, running parallel to a railroad embankment, forces students to respond to different demands such as: integration with the green areas or parks existing in the area, connections with a transportation node (railroad, subway and buses) adjoining the site, and finally the relationship with residential highrise buildings, offices and commercial facilities in the area.


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