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An Alcove for Scrap Art

Part 2 Project 2008
Kia Teng Lavinia Lim
National University of Singapore, Singapore
This project sets off to challenge the extent of Reuse by using scrap material as a building material. Promoting the potential of using scrap materials, as an alternative approach to green design, and echoing the theories of "Cradle to cradle" by William McDonough and "Superuse" by Ed van Hinte, Cesare Peeren and Jan Jongert, it aims to give waste a second chance, in the context of the consumerist society of Singapore.
With technical studies of building with scrap materials, a programmatic vehicle of an alcove for scrap art will be proposed. In tandem with the building approach, the program strives to promote scrap art with a facility, which provides live in studio spaces for scrap artists, a scrap collection yard, exhibition and educational spaces.
In all, the use of scrap material as a building material and the program of promoting scrap art hope to expose the limitless possibilities of scrap materials and encourage its use in creating experiential spaces and to promote that trash is treasure.

Kia Teng Lavinia Lim



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