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Tai Pei Railway Maintenance Factory Redevelopment

Part 2 Project 2008
Sum Ming Hau
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
The initial concepts of this project are an urban strategy and a lighting concept. The urban strategy is to connect different regions in the city by forming two routes for ‘entertainment’ and ‘local living’. The lighting concept is about a structure with diffusion of lighting.

Based on the grid generated by the heritage bathhouse and the truss structure, thirty modules are arranged orthogonally. Spaces in thermal bath are arranged according to the lighting intensity. Therefore, the thermal bath design is coherent with the heritage site, urban planning and lighting quality and spatial arrangement.

Sum Ming Hau

The main value of this project is the method to deal with the heritage site. The combination of urban strategy and lighting concepts has provided a solid base for a computerized parametric design with the consideration from urban to structure scale.

The tools of 3D printing, software (Radiance for lighting simulation, digital project for parametric modeling) and the lighting study to spatial arrangement has also shown the new design method and technologies in this project. The series of experiment and exploration has completed this consistent design process from analysis to physical form.

Prof Jin-yeu Tsou
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