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Domestic textures

Part 1 Project 2009
Maximiliano Torres
AgustíN Goicoechea
University of Palermo Buenos Aires Argentina
The concept of domestic textures is born like a solution to actual problems such as the urban density in the city and the lack of green spaces that are lost. As a reply to these conflicts, it was attempted to obtain an architectural condition of continuous specialty, with own expansion spaces, which allow each user to have his or her own natural area in the middle of the city. This way, a balance between the individuality of the units and the generality of the open spaces in the urban environment was reached. Both, with the gardens and the terraces, together with the open views they offer, the concept of giving back to nature the space we use to project is reflected.
Maximiliano Torres
AgustíN Goicoechea

The growth scheme of house typology in Buenos Aires has been, basically in the last years, a search for extreme densification of urban framework from the center towards the suburbs, advancing at gigantic steps.

Ether with a high or low density, the city roll is to support and contain spaces of reduced activities.

The exercise looks to compare different densifications, maintaining the scale and character of the neighborhood but using at full capacity the urban infrastructure.

This work, inserted on a half-size block, aims to create and develop, under one unique operation, a new structure of interior and exterior, full and empty spaces.

The result is a new urban structure based on houses with patios which, by repetition, occupy the city and recovers the traditional scale and improves the environmental quality.


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