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On the Edge- A New Marina for North Shields

Part 2 Project 2009
David Hunt
Northumbria University Newcastle | UK
Project Title: On the Edge

A New Marina for North Shields

North Shields and its surrounding landscape is characterised by its fishing industry and connection with the Tyne through industrial structures and massive sea defenses. These fishing industry structures and maritime connections inform the buildings language and location.

The building is located as a connection between the maritime navigational beacons within the mouth of the Tyne, acting as an extension of the journey from the fish quay which culminates in panoramic views out to sea. The two main functions of the scheme - research and leisure, are divided either side of the linear route of the building. A main building comprising a visitor centre to the north and research centre to the south, acts as an anchor to the scheme. The creation of a pier as an extension of the route encloses a lagoon to the north - creating a sheltered marina and bay for leisure use. The south side of the pier is given over to a new sustainable fishing industry which comprises a fish hatchery for the maintenance of fish stocks in the North Sea.

The language of the building recalls that of the nearby industry and the functional fishing sheds; a modulated storm shutter system is used to organise the space. The opening and closing of these shutters connect and disconnect the interior spaces to the landscape. The shuttered panelling also adds power to the interior through light and shadow and creates an animated facade to the building.

David Hunt

Tutor’s Statement
Project Title: On the Edge

David's thesis project is borne out of discourse in relation to context and critical regionalism. The scheme is designed to be familiar to the people who have lived and work on the Tyne. The architectural language, scale and form recall the former industries: the fishing industry and shipbuilding, as well as more specific archetypes such as cargo containers, breakwaters, riggings etc- all technologies that have been a backdrop to the area and the communities on the river since Victorian times. The project is beautifully conceived supported by extensive research into the context as well as the plight of fish stocks. The facility sits beautifully in the landscape acknowledging the scale and proportion of the existing harbour. The project is a substantial development; David does not however neglect the importance of detail- this aspect of his work is handled with careful sensitivity.

David draws with absolute conviction; his illustrations combine hand drawing, and the use of the computer to a very high standard; he manages to evoke an architectural reality that has a sense of nearness and an atmospheric accuracy.
Paul Jones

Mr Paul Jones
Mr Benjamin Elliott
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