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Transforming Music Into Space

Part 2 Project 2009
Katerina Serbezova
University of Architecture,Civil Engineering and Geodesy Sofia Bulgaria
The Music place is a metaphorical, parallel of the real place, where you can play, listen, watch, feel and discuss new excitement, new experience in a new system of time and space.

This project does not intend to give definitions which will lock within four walls.

It is an expression of a tremble, an impulse conceived out of nothing and reflecting a subjective reality. Location has potentials to explore such a kind of reality because of its cultural (musical) object—The National theatre, the best concert hall in the country and the natural background (garden). Creation of a new system of vision and "music" experience came through a series of transformations. The observation of different audio visualizations paved the way to these transformations and gave the music its material presence.

In essence, the project proposes to build an installation of ropes tied to the branches of a tree. However, the tree is selected randomly, in the same way that the creative process is born from a subconscious, involuntary act. Plates with translucent, light-reflective surfaces are attached along each rope. "Provoked" by their environment, the plates react to even the slightest breeze, take up a dance in their own rhythm, make a unique sound, sparkle reflecting the nuances of life happening around them… they come to life. And, similarly to every creative impulse which remains ultimately subjective, the plates distort the images reflected on them. The ropes, trembling in the air, carry a symbolism of their own – they are the arteries that bring life to abstraction, they are the road on which the artistic message travels to reach and touch the people around. Taking a minute’s rest, the observer joins in to experience the unique, dynamically moving images of sound, movement and light.

Katerina Serbezova

A pre-diploma project, 5th year, MA in Architecture

The aim of the project is to explore and consolidate two kinds of forming in architecture: 1. In-forming the music in a new, not typical way of means (architectural) and form; 2. Extracting form from the background ("biography", "memory", "genius loci") of a concrete real place—a famous garden in the heart of Sofia.
Scanning, researching and using the forming potentially suitable layer of the location, the student has to express her philosophy and feelings due to the Music and the place in an adequate architectural form. Thus it exalts the architectural in the creativity process.


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