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Part 2 Project 2009
Ursula Huebler
Senada Thana
Technische Universitaet Muenchen Munich Germany
our task was to design a mobil platform for the international olimpic yacht races in 2012, which would gave the possibility to the vip-guests, games live and from “the first row te see.

the observation of the way the sea water softens the form of limestone rocks on the island of purbeck on the english south coast, the site for the olimpic yacht races in 2012, inspired us to design a elongated spherical geometrical form. we thought about the interaction between land and sea and analyzed the first principles of landscape.
as a result of the process came out a form that already existed and is in a harmonical relation. rocks and the sea accepted each other. there is no opposition, this amicable relation was meaningful for us. we intend to make our yachtpoint part of the races, without interfering them.

there are three islands with tree different functions ( arrival, sundeck, lounge ) connected with one adjustable float in the middle to support the building and at the same time to adjustment the hight.

people arrive at the arrival island with boats, from where they can enter the main building, going to the viewdeck,integrated with a bar, or to the restaurant. They can also enjoy the view from the terrace. The tow other islands,sunbathing deck and lounge are accessible through the main building.

the main construction of the building is made of lasercuttered aluminium beams. The outside layer is made from aluminium panels.
because of the pontential to conform to every possible shape and of the thermoformed qualities of corian, we have choose corian for interior surface, supporting our free flowing, melted interior.

Ursula Huebler
Senada Thana

Appreciating aero saarinnen´s phrase that „architecture consists largely of placing something between earth and sky“ the students have spent a lot of time thinking about what we want to see between water and sky. The result is not a boat and not a building. it is an „inbetween“ (zwischen) object - it´s just there to enable people to enjoy the space between water and sky. There is no furniture, no deck and no wall. It´s more a lived sculpture consisting of a surface which provides all functions. Although having a strong shape – the floating architecture tries to be in the background. The users and the boats, which can dock at the islands make the sculpture complete.
The students did not only fulfill all the required spatial functions, they never stopped improving the project for the better. They have a good feeling for beauty and a continues process of formfinding. They create spaces between the lifted object and the water, which have been never used in such an intelligent and harmonic way.

Wiss. Ass. Walter Klasz
Lehrstuhl für Gebäudelehre und Produktentwicklung


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