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Completing Sporenburg

Part 2 Project 2009
Daniel Gross
Jan Paul Wessely
Universität Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany
The subject of the diploma project is a suggested alternative development plan for the built-up area in the controversially discussed Fountainhead Project in Amsterdam. For this purpose a room project had been developed. This project complies more strongly with the social and urban needs, than the currently planned use as housing area merely. The main aim was to merge every-day and working life, commercial and cultural facilities as well as public and private areas.

In terms of its urban dimensions, the groundplan of the building refers to the Masterplan of West8. The tilting of the total capacity by 3° corresponds on the one hand to the minute housing at Sporenburg and on the other, emphasizes the importance of the building as an endpoint of a new, developing promenade. In order to make the inhabitants profit from all its merits, the building will be made accessible on 3 levels through a system of public pathways and yards.

When being opened, the big display window of the performance theatre, offers a stage to the city, which simultaneously becomes its scenery. Further facilities like the district library, the sports hall, and the flats are nearby.

The 4 thematically different yards enrich Sporenburg’s scarce public area significantly and confirm the significance of the building for the whole island. Pathway systems and yards, like the Amsterdamplein which is the end- and view point for the city centre of Amsterdam, are freely accessible at all hours. To underline the monolithic overall impression of the hollowed unit, it will be carried out in heat-insulating concrete.

The building comprises:
performance theatres with 4 cinemas and a multifunctional room, a district library, a marina, a sports hall, catering trade, office space, apartments and family-oriented townhouses.

Daniel Gross
Jan Paul Wessely


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