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Plymouth Harbour

Part 2 Project 2009
Tim Harkness
De Montfort University Leicester UK
The project involved enhancing an urban area within a city. The masterplan attempts to reconnect the city of Plymouth to it's waterfront within the passive area of Millbay docklands. This is achieved by enhancing important links and connections and also revitalising the historical significance of Millbay.

The proposed building, a Boating Centre, reintroduces people to the waterfront in the form of seasonal water-based activities, for use by the general public and club members.

The building is made up of two elements, the first is a series of weighty, pod-like structures that sit prominently on the quayside, and the second are a succession of lengthy, but light tensile structures that extrude out over the water, embracing the marina.
These elements are connected through a series of long ramps that give access down to the water, adding to the maritime experience.

The design is influenced by the kinetic elements of the tide. The facilities that accommodate the boats are engineered to float on the water, and move relative to the tidal conditions of the dock. This is also transferred to other elements of the building including the dock roofs.

The building creates an interplay between open and enclosed space, solid and void, light and heavy construction.

The Boating Centre harnesses the wind, water and sun for renewable energy resources to power the building.

Tim Harkness

Tim Harkness

Mr Tom Fitzsimmons
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