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A Small Gallery and Painting School at the Seaside

Part 1 Project 2010
Nicholas Ellis
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
The project is a small art gallery and painting studios located in a seaside town called Bridlington in East Yorkshire. The project is designed to investigate and challenge the parallels between high art and community.

The town itself, like most British seaside towns, has undergone a decline in population, economy and character. This has therefore resulted in an emerging regeneration project, with the scheme at the forefront.

The scheme does not just become a building but a part of the urban footprint. Its forms are intended to be moved amongst and used as an extension to the town. It is a route, a place and a building.

The project creates a shifting environment, suitable for any needs of art. The buildings themselves, move and alter to allow the curator to make their own environments, based upon there own tastes and preferences. This in turn encourages the spaces to open up into the town, creating fascination and intrigue from wider community audiences. This in turn creates a high art environment based upon the scenery and fabric of the community.

Nicholas Ellis

Nicholas Ellis

This project begins with the intention to break down what could be perceived as barriers between high culture and the seaside visitor and resident. The proposal takes full ownership of the programme to delicately weave the gallery, studio and café spaces into a discreet yet fully integrated urban quarter.

The resultant architectural space and language is rich and informal, sophisticated yet familiar. An honest and inventive use of materials adds warmth, variety and character to a mature and confidently understated proposition.

Prof Sam Vardy
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