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Puerto Montt Urban Center

Part 1 Project 2010
Camila Cabrera
Felix Salinas
University of Chile, Chile
The city of Puerto Montt in Chile, gave us some special problems to solve in order to make a envyromentaly adecuated proyect and also geographical challenges. We generated our proyect in a way that the building is working with this evryomental challenges more than working against them. The cover of the proyect resembles the hillsides produced by the natural earth terraces, this hillsides represent an icon for the habitants of the city. By consequence of the terraces we find a disconnection between the 3 main levels, disconnection that our proyects intends to solve with creating a urban center (as the heart of the conenction) in the second platform and creating convergence spaces in the hillsides with a lively program.
Camila Cabrera
Felix Salinas

The accomplished project arises from a social need public spaces complying with the community, which grant urban services, allowing recreation and promote cultural activities for this city that lacks an infrastructure appropriate to do so.

Students performed a work of land, which visited the city of Puerto Montt, picking up the Visual background perceptual and morphological characteristics of the city. Also together with its inhabitants, by detecting their needs and desires. Based on this background they chose a strategic location since being a city that is located in an area of great slope, is divided into three levels or topographical planes development Puerto Montt. Adjacent to sea level, intermediate level where the founding city is located, and where they develop the new urban Uptown.

The project uses as support a construction which is abandoned in the middle tier of the city, adjacent to one of the major axes of movement and therefore strategic because it connects Uptown, middle and the level of the Sea; project to offer a visual domain of the city, and in turn produces the projected urban center be visible and accessible from the sectors most populated.

The project proposes the rehabilitation of the old building, hosting it all services and community activities around a large covered central space, which is an events center that allows the development of various such as exhibitions, concerts, craft fairs, plays and dance, etc.

Architecture proposed by students, is sensitive and professional takes the challenge of working with an existing building which must convert. Proposes the use of steel as a lightweight structure that overlaps the existing with originality, sustainable, whereas exploit sunlight, avoid the characteristic area wind perspective, adapted to the geography, save big lights that requires the Sceptre of events, and provide a building which is an architectural landmark and urban for the city of Puerto Montt.


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