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Northern Harvest

Part 2 Project 2010
Ingvild Johanne Hanevold
Oslo School of Architecture and Design Oslo | Norway
Northern Harvest is a revised Country Hotel situated at Finnsnes, a small village an hour south of Tromsø in the very north of Norway. The project is centred round the wild Northern landscape, the local nature, and the transformation of a run-down 1950’s dairy factory. My grandmother lived at Finnsnes, and during many visits to this place I have with an increasing interest explored the local wilderness, and taken notice of specific details such as the old weathered factory. The building has been abandoned for almost 20 years, and therefore, one could say, lost its “social” influence on the local context. What remains, however, is the factory reacting with nature.

In this area there is a very special relationship between habitation and the extreme nature, and this reciprocal relationship has been an important starting point for the understanding of the transformation of the factory. The idea is that by opening up the building to the surroundings
(a natural section of 1.5km from shore to mountain), and to the cyclic nature, the aim is to “re-contextualise” the building with the local situation.

Method: Establishing a new program for the factory; firstly collecting data from the place researching historical, social, tectonic and archaeological aspects from the place, collecting various objects and conversations with local people.

Furthermore investigating the existing site, both subjective and analytical, drawn analysis in relation to the broader local landscape, and expanding the site from shore to mountain.

The new program for the dairy factory will be a seasonal based self sustaining Country Hotel, where the factory work as a generator and connector between the other programs spread out along a natural section line/ path of 1.5 km from shore to mountain, it will also work as a gathering point for the local people. The Country hotel reacts to local cycles by the way the habitation is positioned, orientated and programmed; hoe the habitation almost becomes a stage for the natural scene to take place.

Ingvild Johanne Hanevold

An inovativ, sustainable, transformation of a run-down traditional Norwegian dairy from the 50’s,
located in Finnsnes, a little town south of Tromsø in Norway.
The project is a fresh blend between a hotel and a hang out for local fishermen, hunters and mushrom pickers.
Through detailed sketching and an urge to find natural cyclic ancoring to the site and nature,
the student has developed a beautifull new way of looking into the near past.
By reprograming the abandoned building, a revised Country Hotel apeares as a connector between sea and mountain/present and past.
The student has through drawing, by valuing the sketch as a tool for representation, and as a tool to enable a project to develop;
discovered surpisingly bold architectural qualities on the spesific site and in the existing building.


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