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Part 2 Project 2010
Yann Tixhon
WENK Sint Lucas Brussels BRUSSELS Belgium

Yann Tixhon

The remarkable thing about Yann is the guts he manifested.
At the crossroad between graduation and the exercise of the profession of architect, he decided to question what architecture really is.

During his quest for an answer he met with the relatively unknown domain of escapism; what architecture can help us flee the humdrumness of reality?

Theoretical, physical and digital models and constant self-reflection allowed various paths to be explored. All of these latter respectively tried to give an answer to the question of what “escapist architecture truly embodies”.

An architecture-anthropological approach offered the solution to the creation of a design that irrevocably appeals to one’s imagination.

Thus, our nominee designed a spectacular dreamscape, imaginatively combining creativity, ingeniousness and insight.

Yann finished his courses at Sint-Lucas Brussels with a distinction in design, in a design laboratory entitled Explorative Architecture Design, Calibrating.

Using his baggage of 5 years of studies he developed alternative tools to conceive a dramatic design that resulted in the quintessence of escapist architecture.


Prof Marc Godts
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