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Binomius Gap, Buenos Aires Printing Cluster

Part 2 Project 2011
Nicolas Oettinger
University of Belgrano Capital Argentina
The project comprises the design of a printing house in a neighbourhood called Agronomía. The site is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, opposite the College of Agronomy. This area was formerly known by its vast green areas, as the college was surrounded by crop plots.

My goal was to focus on the relationship between iconic and contextural architecture, approaching this dualism as an argument without apparent response.
My position on this ambivalence is an architecture of reconciliation, where existing elements can relate to the new and also enable the proposition of new conditions for the urban grid. This is a position of mediation that attempts to take advantage of the opportunities given by this dualism. These issues are seen not only in the urban impact on how architecture interacts with the social and economic environment, but also from inside the building experience.

I tried to bring part of the history to the site adding different plant species to the green areas, which are organized considering the urban grid. In this way, I maintained the idea of a green plain within our proposal for a printing house. However, the printing house itself continues a relationship with the area by using the same materials as the surrounding buildings.

The idea of building a printing house was central; we used the project to enhance a degraded area. In this manner we created an iconic building for the printing works and at the same time provided access to a green park.

In the interior the idea was to maintain all elements connected to each other. We are aware of the times we are living, in which circulation and communication spaces are united. Also, we are aware of the interiors of a printing house. Here, I tried to do something different, giving a different language to the printer and having regard for the different roles. I materialized this by using double and triple heights to accommodate different jobs in boxes suspended in space, maintaining a direct relationship among the different jobs that take place at different levels.

Nicolas Oettinger


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