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Part 1 Project 2011
Yoonho Cho
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
The site is Juldusan sacred place area. In this place, many people who believed or learned chatholic culture died by their king because of his range about the western people (after a war started by western people). There is a catholic church just like monument. And the right below of sacred place, there is a Han river side bike road and park.

I focused of these two characters of sites. I thought that if these two different things make harmony with each other, that could make the site, sacred place and Han-river side park, much better place.

The sacred place will become more public space. It becomes easier to access in Han-river side park for people who use subway and bus station which located right behind of sacred place.

For that, I changed the leave, origin landscape, in the site that block two characters considering origin landscape.

Considering inundations level of Han-river make decision about church's locations.
The form of church is designed with considering the form of sacred place. Not exposed, but hide or harmony with origin landscape. Arch shapes of church can make not only harmony with origin sites, but structure and atmosphere of chapel. It becomes main principle of making space in church.

The new church and road makes new possibility of sacred place and han river side park area.

Yoonho Cho


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