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Marina Hotel

Part 1 Project 2011
Hana Ismailaga
University of Montenegro Montenegro
Growing up in a beautiful coastal town, my grandfather would share stories about pirates in the ocean. The beauty of the ships he described had the power to take your breath away. By linking my love for architecture and the stories my grandfather told me of the beautiful pirate ships I merged both my loves into one.The hotel is located on the beach where its appearance fits in perfectly. The idea of this project is primarily a hotel that is reminiscent of a ship. The corner motifs which have very specific balconies evoke the bow of the ship. Uneven floors give an elevation of different facades.The glass surfaces which are blue are reminiscent of the blue sea and sky. The main mission of this project was to coordinate and synchronize the hotel function with form and appearance. The hotels entrance is punctuated with large eaves detail on the facade. The hotel has two side entrances; the economic part and the conventional hall. The main floor has many functions which include a reception area, offices with business areas, and the economic part of m and a spa.The first floor is dedicated to rooms for the conference hall with an open bar, a restaurant, and apartments with kitchens. The hotel accommodates 144 people. The rooms are divided as follows; 12 one bed rooms, 2 rooms for people with special needs, 54 double bed rooms, and 11 two bedroom apartments. I imagined the interior of the hotel to be similar to the interior of the ships my grandfather spoke to me about. The central part is designed as an atrium with a glass roof, while the rest of the surface is covered by a flat concrete slab. For the interior of the hotel, I used sophisticated materials which were dominated by a glass surface. If my work have harmony and balance in architecture it will alow me to fell the power of succsess,especially if this project can be transformed to reality in the future,wich would give me a sense of accamblishment.
Hana Ismailaga


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