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Steam Powered Pub & Brewery

Part 1 Project 2011
Jordan Young
De Montfort University, UK
Lying discretely off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh’s Old Town, the Steam Powered Pub & Brewery exhibits the traditional methods of brewing ale, combined with steam-punk style devices and contraptions inspired by the illustrations of Heath Robinson. Influences are drawn from Edinburgh’s rich history of engineering, illusion, discovery, science and invention.

Down a hidden close, the pub is respectful enough not to impact upon Edinburgh’s Traditional façade, but can be found just off the tourist trail - a secret worth discovering. The Steam powered pub & brewery is a project that brings together the locals and tourists and lets them witness the science of ale brewing. The building explores interesting ways of making the journey between the process unique, such as the rooftop barley field and the beer glass dispensing cladding. The spectators can see the physical movements of the devices within, including the barley filter, the rotating water tank and man powered cooking vessels.

The steam within not only powers the brewing process, but powers the brewers of the brewing process.

Jordan Young


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