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Intermodal Valdivia

Part 1 Project 2011
Emanuel Astete
Carlos Benjamin Fernandez
University of Chile Santiago Chile
Valdivia is a city with great potential in transport is concerned it has a wide variety of transportation options, however currently begins to collapse due to the strain of bridges and main roads that are occupied by trucks transport or passenger transport.

Project Objectives:
The intermodal station is founded as a new hub away from the current road congestion in the city, which is enhanced by the creation of an area where modes and flows which are articulated by a large aquatic square, which gives life and responds to the stationary festivities and sporting activities of the city converge.

This station will have three modes of transport: train, bus and boat River, the objective is to enhance river transport and create a network of water stations from which this will be of greater importance as intermodal and terminal point for trains.

The intermodal Station seeks to enhance water transport for three main reasons.

1 transport times are lower displacement by the River are more direct. This contrasts with the buses and collective taxis that they make routes which have to use bridges that most of the time are far removed from the points of destination.

2. The identity that has the street rio Street to Valdivia is of great importance, and this project seeks to rescue this condition by creating a new aquatic civic centre associated with a river station.

3. The large number of wetlands and vegetation at the edge of the river creates a condition of positive with regard to the pollution of the waters. The intermodal station will be a large reserve of wetlands which collaborate with the efficient and sustainable purification of water allowing the use of water transport and the natural purification of water to generate a balance which exploits a natural environment without deteriorating the environment.

Proposed placing areas of wetlands with native vegetation of the area leading to the intermodal acted as a filter of the polluted waters of the river.

Emanuel Astete
Carlos Benjamin Fernandez


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