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V.O. Rural Hotel San Pedro Alcantara / Colchagua Valley

Part 2 Project 2011
NicoláS UrzúA Soler
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Santiago Chile
The project takes place in the February 27th 2010 Chilean earthquake’s context and its underlying destruction of historical villages of Colchagua Valley. This zone is a rural area mainly related to the wine industry and recently to the olive oil production, fields covered by big agricultural enterprises and small producers along the valley. The latter, who produces higher quality products, don’t have the needed infrastructure to make their wines and oils known among the costumers, selling their production to bigger producers at lower prices.
According to that problem, and based on the ruins of a big old colonial house which is located in the historical village San Pedro de Alcántara, formed by a courtyard’s system and directly related to the village and the country through its vineyards, the V.O Hotel is created. The hotel’s former creators area group of small producers from both wine and olive oil field who wanted to develop distribution channels for their products. As a result, a touristic platform was created which tells the story of their products, making them known and showing its quality, making both national and overseas Colchagua Valley visitors part of the production process and providing them the experience to stay in a rural hotel that shows its rural life essence.
The project is materialized by creating a cloister’s bi-polar space formed by a square and a courtyard divided into a public, private and intermediate zone. The first one interacts with the village (thus the urban and public spaces), creating a tour dedicated to showing the wine and oil products and history, whilst the second one (productive courtyard and private zone’s center) closes in itself, letting in both the country side and the productive vineyards, following the land’s original slope and separating from the program that continues as a platform. Everything mentioned above is based on a rib wood made structure that replicates and adapts itself to the whole system and a habitable stone made plinth that limits the land.

NicoláS UrzúA Soler


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