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University of Newcastle Drama School

Part 1 Project 2011
Noel Yaxley
University of Newcastle Newcastle Australia
My concept for this project originated from the idea that theatre is very much about a body in space. When these bodies start to move, relate and speak to each other a performance begins. The central theatre building shifts along an axis generating a theatrical experience for both passers by and patrons on site. This stimulates and creates a sense of intrigue for the general public and begins to create dynamic set of site interrelationships. It produces a
change in scenery and opportunities for different views and backdrops.
Technically its movement services the theatre in its ability to load goods from different areas and its reconfiguration, even during an intermission. This makes for quick changes and flexibility between the workshop and the theatre. Like a rifle, the cartridge goes into the chamber, and is reloaded for the next act.
On site the buildings and landscaping create different levels with an internal and protected public space. The design is set out in a linear program, which allows greater connectivity between student, public and theatre amenities. The staff and administration building were left separate and more private. The lecture theatre thus became the link between the student
wing and the admin building.
The overarching theme of this project was to create a theatre ‘machine’. This theme is
expressed in many instances within the buildings and their flexible facilities. This is especially articulated with the theatre building whose program can very quickly be rearranged to allow for a wide variety of performances or installations.

Noel Yaxley


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