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2060: Housing & Urban Dairy Farm

Part 1 Project 2011
Michael Pugh
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) London UK
The project is set in 2060: This is a proposal for a housing scheme and integrated dairy cattle farm with 200+ cows. Drawings show a prototypical arrangement that anticipates a development of 50+ homes supported by the farm, which also serves the wider conurbation of Deptford.

London in 2060 will see a change in climate with the predicted demise of the Gulf Stream which supports the UK’s temperate climate. Quebec in Canada sits on the same latitude as the UK but has never benefitted from its warming effect; as such Montreal’s current climate data is used to inform London’s 2060 anticipated climate.

The anticipated increase in ice and snow will have a damaging impact upon transportation and access. This in turn will affect the quantity of imports and exports going to and from the capital. In response to this pressure, a proposed housing scheme with integrated farm acts to mitigate the circumstances of these changes.

The two building functions act in symbiosis, where the energy needs of the housing are harvested through methane and latent heat thereby supplementing two thirds of the energy requirements for the dwellings. The proximity of dairy production serves the local and wider community and thereby negates both the problems and cost of transportation.

The overall intent of the scheme is to integrate within the existing local community targeting a problem that proliferates throughout the wider London region.

Michael Pugh

Prof Christine Hawley
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