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"Tøyen Square: Expansion of Tøyensenteret: Shopping Area + Hotel

Part 1 Project 2011
Henrik øDegaard
Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway
Tøyen Square
Expansion of Tøyen center; shopping area + hotel

The development of Tøyen need a clearer epicenter. By extending the center down in the ground, increase the availability and the square gets a clearer character as Town Square in Oslo. Parking must give way to a new subway entrance, and larger and more flexible retail space. The towers at the center is preserved, while the plinth is renewed. A new hotel will be placed as a new appraisal on the square.

Today the centre bears evidence of decline. Empty offices and empty stores makes the centre a ghost like square where people are only passing to get home from work.

I wanted to revitalise Tøyen Square. First and foremost I wanted to make the place into an attractive area both commercially and culturally,day and night. My main grasp is making the area more attractive, more visible and easier to get to.

I have lowered the square one storey, taking advantage of the already existing two parking storeys, and kept one for parking. By doing this I will make the area easier to reach from the surrounding streets. But it will also gain area by adding 3 more meters to the plinth.Today there is a post office building that I remove to give the square more space. By moving the Metro station from outside to inside the square, people getting off here will be more likely to use the square.

The centers main program is Library, Metro station, food court, post office and gym. The rest of the premises are general in space and therefore suitable for a variety of content.
I keep the towers as they are today, except from giving them a new entrance. The dwellings will also be kept untouched. The hotel is placed at the lower and extended part of the square. The hotel has a disintegrated brick facade that takes up the rhythm and the materials used in the center

Henrik øDegaard

Peter Hemmersam
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