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The Oneiric House

Part 1 Project 2011
Theo Gutter
University of the Free State Bloemfontein South Africa
The main idea behind the project is to transform a space from total seclusion to a public stage (private realm to public realm). An artist therefore can go into a state of daydreaming in the hermitage and then emerge out into the open stage. Structure, archetypes and gravitation is questioned.

The main idea behind the design is to rather let the human mind be transformed throughout a process of interactions throughout the structure, starting from the top and working one’s way downwards, emerging at the bottom. The mind and soul is therefore cleansed in a specific way with the aid of the four classical elements of fire, air, earth and water together with a colour that symbolises a certain state of mind. (Red being in conflict with oneself, yellow cleansing the mind, green generating new ideas and blue at total calm with one’s thoughts.) Thus, the human body becomes the transformed entity and the structure stays static. Every box of interaction is like a furniture piece, forcing the artist into a specific posture, to again create the certain state of mind attached to each box.

The structure consists of four distinct boxes, stacked on top of each other with a main tectonic structure surrounding it, keeping it in place. The artist starts at the bottom of the staircase and works his/her way upwards until the first box at the top is reached. The artist then climbs down through the boxes sequentially, until he emerges out of the last box onto the stage, ready to perform. There is also a visual clink between the spectator and the artist, while the hermitage is activated, that lets the spectator associate with the artist while his mind is transformed. Coloured panels can slide into different positions to allow the artist seclusion when required.

This project shows that architecture does not have to transform into something different to change space. The journey throughout the structure creates a series of spaces, each with its specific intent and allowing the public and private realm to be apart from each other, but still being within a close connected area.

Theo Gutter


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