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Rail Freight Station Zizkov

Part 2 Project 2011
Roman Chvilicek
Czech Technical University Praha | Czech Republic
Industrial buildings and estates lost their original meaning within the postindustrial period. However, it has located them in the most lucrative areas of the city. At the same time, the students were moved to the outskirts. The current form of the university campus as an isolated mono-functional community must undergo a revision. The ideal solution includes a relocation of the students back into the inner city. Fright station Zizkov offers a big potential. Prague Urban Campus is unconventional idea for our educational system. It is a completely new typology. The goals of the design are communication, unusual symbiosis of the different fields and above all the openness. Different functions are no longer separated into individual object. Everything creates a complex network. It is a new kind of research and education supported by business and society. Everything is in equilibrium with the outdoor space that generally belongs to one of the most interesting element of the campuses. Thanks to gaining a new context becomes the historical building of the freight station meaningful. It is a part of the spatial network. Campus also provides important impulses for its neighboring community as a city and social revitalization at the same time.

Roman Chvilicek


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