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Museum Of Graphic Art & Illustration

Part 1 Project 2011
Moe Shahin
Queensland University of Technology Brisbane | Australia
MIGA honours the imperative contribution the creative class makes towards socio-cultural
influences and trends. The museum intent ensured effective Architecture begins at context. For the architecture to be successful, it must be considered valuable for its citizens. Without context, Architectural appropriateness and longevity become negated for its users.

By using a contemporary definition of ‘artefacts’ to support the appropriateness of a museum that displays young designer works, the museum delivers a culturally relevant intervention. Both graphic and illustrative design has had profound impacts for the creative
class, allowing a museum of graphic art and illustration to become a powerful cultural and social agent towards the neighbouring cultural precinct.

MIGA proposes a new challenge to the traditional museum typology. The proposed
circulation scheme allows the artefacts to revolve around the users of the space; giving
artworks versatile vantage points instead of the two dimensional paradigm conventionally
offered by galleries.

The form of the museum ensues through a vertical nature. The large volume beacons
between the bridge and cultural precinct; leaching off the visual amenity already associated with the historical Wharves in order to bringing the condition of illustrative and graphic works to the public realm.

Two key elements were incremental to the design. The first: to allow citizens to be aware of the building without necessary experiencing it. The second: to surprise those who do choose to experience the architecture through an unpredictable use of space.

The building’s facade system remains minimal with the argument that graphic art and
illustration are not static in style and 'flamboyantly' dressing the building envelope would represent a false dichotomy towards merits of both forms of visual art. Resultantly, the modular internal spaces are intended to be versatile in-spite of permanence.

The museum reiterates its theme of versatility allowing space to be the canvas, rather than a wall; proposing a new direction between art and architecture. With the new architectural insertion being an encouraging catalyst for future growth in Fortitude Valley as an art precinct – MIGA will become a social hub for graphic artists and illustrators alike as an architecture is appropriated for the future.

Moe Shahin


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