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Sandy Row Creative Centre

Part 1 Project 2011
Eleanor Lygo
Queen's University Belfast, UK
The site sits within the Weavers industrial estate which borders the community of Sandy Row. In Comparing the Weavers workers and Sandy Row, they have a shared common ground of craft making. I felt this would be the key to the interaction of a diverse population through supervised workshops in the creative industries whilst also boosting local production and economic health of Sandy row.
The architecture of the building was very much influenced by the boundary walls which run around the site. In keeping these prominent landmarks the creation of a courtyard was formed, enclosing the building which sits along the wall, creating a gateway to the site from the street. This enclosure on ground level provides accommodation for industry of the building which is inward looking to the courtyard and the industrial park. The second floor then lightly sits on these brick wall plinths accommodating textile workshops with a distinct change to a timber frame.
The toothed effect created a language along the long elevations and allowed for the breakdown of smaller spaces within the plan whilst providing adequate and effective light into the spaces below. The scale of spaces change within section allowing a clear distinction between the main space running down the middle and the secondary meeting spaces at the sides, the section also identifies the informality or privacy of these spaces. The section still follows the plan with the same amount of rigor which is then expressed on the elevation also, emphasizing the bar/ vernacular form along the wall.
A place for relaxing is removed into the pavilion cafe which sits between the centre and the other industrial buildings on site. The market which will be held monthly selling produce made, has been incorporated into the landscape and can be used for seating in nice weather. Essentially the building will provide a hub of activity internally and externally for people on Sandy Row. The aim is to create optimum conditions and architecture for this to happen and design really great spaces for these people to enjoy.

Eleanor Lygo


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