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N.E.M.O. Project

Part 2 Project 2011
Hugo Kaici
Felix De Montesquiou
Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture de Paris Paris France
N.E.M.O. (Northern Europe Migrants Organization) is an enterprise that enables people to illegally migrate to the United Kingdom.

Located near the city of Calais, where most of the migrants end-up, the facilities are only 42km away from the British coast.

N.E.M.O. offers at a reasonable cost to transport migrants illegally to England, using cigarette boats.

Customers can purchase their tickets online and choose their options (single room, false passports, English lessons ...) on the N.E.M.O. project website.


Rooted in the cliffs of Cap-Gris-Nez, surrounded by concrete relics of the Atlantikwall, N.E.M.O. infrastructure re-uses the architectural vocabulary of the WW2 bunkers to hide its true function. The building is functionalist and minimal, and services provided are only those deemed essential to migrants in transit.

Ruthless and cynical, N.E.M.O. is positioned at the top of the lucrative market of illegal immigration by slashing prices of its direct competitors, the Kurdish mafia.

Hugo Kaici
Felix De Montesquiou


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