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NSW Golf Clubhouse and Fishermans Wharf

Part 1 Project 2011
Marshall Blecher
University of Sydney | Australia
The existing golf links and clubhouse at NSW Golf Course, La Perouse presents a preternatural and superficial, faux English landscape. Verdant grassy hills and meandering paths with immaculate edging sit atop cliffs where salt spray and powerful southerly winds naturally favour sedges, succulents and low stands of banksia. The traditional, stone clad, clubhouse stands at the centre of the promontory on a rounded hill overlooking the links with a view of Botany bay and the ocean beyond. Golf celebrates this preternaturally pretty landscape while avoiding the terrifying and sublime landscapes which stand to offer much more. The proposal draws on its natural and historical setting to create a building which belongs to its surrounding and provides visitors with an opportunity to experience the landscape in new ways. Particularly it aims to enhance and amplify the sublime aspects of the site.
The project also addresses ownership of the landscape. The existing clubhouse dominates an overlooks the publically accessible landscape and the surrounding links are off limits for the public. The proposed Clubhouse occupies the cliff face to the East of the existing site. A cliff-top walk is re-routed over the top of the new clubhouse which becomes an extension of the sandstone outcrop.

Marshall Blecher


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