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Part 2 Project 2011
Simon Hargreaves
Newcastle University Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK
The internal combustion engine will become redundant. When in the near future is debatable, but oil production and consumption has peaked. With 33million vehicles in the UK today it is important that the proportion of each end-of-life vehicle (ELV) being recycled is maximised.

An additional 400,000 ELV’s were scrapped last year due to the Governments “Scrappage Scheme”. This should be seen as an early warning to the problems that lay ahead. 95% of ELV’s are not disposed of correctly and with no clear system or industry standard to monitor the treatment of ELV’s, a standard system and process must be introduced. As we continue to consume our finite resources in this manner, and with oil prices continuing to rise at an almost exponential rate this problem must be tackled now. Experts believe it will take us 6 years to process the 330,000 vehicles from the Scrappage Scheme alone, and this number is only going to increase as is the cost of oil.

The effectiveness of the “Scrappage Scheme” can be questioned financially and environmentally but what it has done is open our eyes to something much, much larger. Soon, the reliance of the internal combustion engine will end and for almost everyone a new way of life will be born. We need to be prepared for the aftermath of “Carmageddon”. The day that the reliance of the internal combustion engine ends.

Newcastle’s post industrial landscape can once again be ignited. This time by the Depollution and Recycling of one of the largest consumer products on the planet. The Car. Rising from the heart of fields of new car sales rooms and automotive services. The Depollution Rig embodies the inevitable future for the combustion engine. A one time gift from our planet, fossil fuels having taken billions of years to create, will be consumed in less than 100years. The tower is the first step in us admitting and embracing our own problems with consumption and is specifically placed in an area for this harsh realisation to take place. It becomes an unmissable site, from the eyes of the everyday motorist.

Simon Hargreaves


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